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China's New Work Visa System

HiTouch 24 November 2016

A new foreigner grading system has been carried out in China's major cities and regions including Guangdong this November. It will be implemented nationwide by April 2017.



It classifies workers into three categories according to a point system: 


* 'A'(>85 points): top-level

* 'B' (60-85 points): professional level

* 'C'(<60 points): unskilled or service industry




At least 6 aspects will be important to get the scores:

o    Chinese language proficiency

o    University Degree from top international or Chinese university

o    Age

o    Salary

o    Work experience

o    Location in China


The more points foreigners get, the higher they will be placed.


You will get a new work permit card (外国人工作许可证) which has an ID number. You can use it to travel domestically in China like a Chinese ID card.



The new policy will not affect foreigners who already work in China - but from their next extension they will be on the new system.