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Don’t Trick Me! Tips to Avoid Sales Contract Dispute

HiTouch 25 May 2016

HiTouch Consulting held a seminar about sales contract for clients on 12 May, 2016.


On the seminar, Lawyer Mia Mo delivered a speech on the forms, content and factors that may cause dispute of sales contract. The clients actively put forward some questions.


Did you think it a pity not to attend this seminar?

Don’t worry, we will share with you some useful tips of “how to avoid sales contract dispute”:

Tip 1: If you can’t use contract

-Keep all the fax

-Use emails with the parties’ name

-Collect all the relevant documents especially about the delivery


Tip 2: How to ensure the legitimacy of the both Parties?

-Check the seller’s name carefully to avoid the one without corporate capacity, & keep a copy of its business license;

-Require the seller affix his official stamp, instead of the stamp of his internal department

-All the parties should stamp on the place where is made modification by hand;

-Keep the original copy of the contract carefully.


Tip 3: How to make the payment appropriately?

-Pay directly to the seller’s bank account (the time & amount can be figured out when disputes happen)

-If pay by cash, the seller shall issue the receipt with his stamp/signature once he receives money.

-If the seller requires the buyer transfer money to the third party’s account, the seller shall issue a formal Authorization Letter pointing out the account to collect the money.