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How to Rent A House in Guangzhou?

HiTouch 30 May 2016

Should you pay the lease tax? Where should you rent the house? Is there safe? What are the procedures of renting a house?


HiTouch has all the answers!


Where can I rent the house?

Currently foreigners mainly live in Xiao bei, Jian she liu road in Yue xiu district, Zhujiang New Town in Tian he district and wholesale markets in Li wan district and Bai yun district. Take san yuan li in Bai yun district as an example, as typical urban village, there are a lot of houses for renting. You can see boards written with RENTING everywhere. However, the environment there is not so good and the security barely satisfactory.

HiTouch suggestions: choose residential buildings when you are looking for a place to live in. For one thing, the landlord can provide effective property certificate for you to apply residence permit and related registration. For another, it can guarantee your personal safety.


Should I pay the lease tax?

When talking about living in rented house, LELO, who comes from Iran, is quite upset. Once he found an apartment, but the landlord said that in addition to rental fee, he also needs to pay the lease tax, which really made him quite upset. He wondered why he needed to pay the tax while it was the landlord’s responsibility.

According to the rules, lease tax, which is 8% of the rental fee, should be paid by the landlord. If a Chinese rent the house, the landlord can avoid the lease tax. However, if a foreigner rent the house, he/she must do registration; otherwise, the police may find out and impose fine.


What are the procedures of renting a house?