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Charity in Ramadan – Do Well by Doing Good

HiTouch 07 June 2016

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. For Muslims worldwide it is also a time of deep reflection. It is honorable and blessed, a month which rewards for generosity multiplied. Zakat, a Muslim’s way of charity, is one of the fundamental tenets that underpins the faith of all Muslims.

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 Inspired by the spirit of Ramadan, HiTouch likes to invite you to a tour on how people around the world carry forward the uplifting tradition.

Our first stop is Egypt, volunteers visit an elderly home with iftar meal.

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Leaving 150 elderly with positive impacts and significant memories.

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Next, we travel to Ethiopia, during Ramadan, children give their food to a poor woman in need.

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Moving to our last stop – Mogadishu, capital of Somali, dozens of families line up to receive iftar meal from a Qatari charity organization.

Charity has no border. There are more unnamed heroes from different countries around the world, they come together by one single goal of doing good. Even though the welldoing we share today is only a nook of the greater good, and yet the inspiration behind is limitless. In spite of our differences, we’ll never cease to learn from each other to be the better person.

Welldoing is all around us. Let’s make a move now!