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Muslim in Guangzhou: Envoy of Love and Peace

HiTouch 22 June 2016

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During the holy month of Ramadan, we like introduce you more about our Muslim friends and how their life are in Guangzhou.

To many of us, Guangzhou is home. It is filled with gourmet restaurants and historical attractions. The Muslim community is an indispensable force that makes our home the economic hub of the Pearl River Delta. There are about 200,0000 Muslim residents in Guangzhou, making it a sentimental foundation of the city. Today, let’s take a look at how the foreign Muslims are adapting themselves at our beloved home.

Volunteers from Guangzhou Railway to Guangzhou trade fair

Using their fluent English and Chinese to help the merchants who attend the trade fair, volunteers from several different Muslim countries are busy at work.

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Louay, from Syria, says enthusiastically, “I enjoy helping people, while practicing my Chinese and making new friends. The trade fair attracts a lot of people. I’m excited to be here to help with those who attends the fair.”

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Blood donating at Guangzhou Blood Center

In Guangzhou Blood Center, people find a scene like this – over a hundred of Iranians gathering together, wearing the unitive t-shirts, with bandages on their arms.

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The initiator shares, “Blood is the most important part of human body. We hope to share our most precious resources with our Chinese friends. Just like blood, our bond is thicker than water.”

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Bursting water pipe in Jiahe Garden

In 29 August, 2011, the residents of Jiahe Garden are interrupted from sleep