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Could You Recognize the HiTouchers You Know?

HiTouch 22 June 2016

Pic 1

We work hard to success, and we play hard to relax. To maintain the healthy balance between work and play, HiTouch went to Nha Trang, Vietnam for vacation!

What else but a game for the best presentation of team spirit? So on the beach of Nha Trang, we held the first Beach Games of HiTouch.

Let’s play a game from the pictures below, it called

“Where is our consultants?

Pic 2

Team red, as our energy

Can you find Jimmy and Alan in this picture?

Pic 3

Team yellow, as our enthusiasm

Dan? Louis? Can you point them out?

Pic 4

Team blue, as our knowledge

Angela? I know you’re in here…

Pic 5

Team green, as our harmony

Anthony, there you are.

Pic 6

In the Games

“We play hard but we don’t fight dirty… ish.”