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NO NRA, You Can Still Have a Company at GZ! Only at HiTouch

HiTouch 07 July 2016

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What happened?

Nowadays, to open a HSBC account is getting more and more difficult. Meanwhile the old accounts are under strict supervision and face high chance of cancelation.

More than that, with the new policy of NRA account regulation came out, in every transaction, contracts, invoices and bill of landing will be required. Since the term of opening NRA account has tighten up, high-risk countries (Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc.) might will not be approved at all.

What Comes Next

HK bank account blocked

NRA account limited

NO Guangzhou company

NO China Resident Permit

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Generally speaking, to open a company in Guangzhou, you need a bank reference letter from Hong Kong local banks or NRA account from your Hong Kong company. But why go the long hard way when you can choose the simple and fast way.


With only your passport, HiTouch assists you to open your company, in which you can apply for your resident visa. No more dreadful procedures of HK banking and no more prolonging. To reduce your cost, only at HiTouch.

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