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Lost Passport in China? No Worry, Follow This!

HiTouch 28 September 2016



Lost passport in China is a terrible thing, here we collect related information about passport loss and found and visa reissue for you.

There are 4 steps you should do when losing the passport

Step 1
Obtain a “Receipt of Report” from Police Station


The loss or theft of a foreign passport must first be reported to the Police Station closest to where the loss/theft occurred. A receipt will be issued by the Police Station.

Step 2
Obtain a “Confirmation of Reporting the Loss of Passport” from Guangzhou Exit and Entry Administration Department


You must provide the following:

1. Original and photocopy of “Receipt of Report” from the Police Station where the passport was lost / stolen (read Step 1);

2. Two recent photographs for foreigners in Guangdong Province and a receipt of such photograph;

3. Report form with completed statement regarding the lost or stolen of passport. Leave the name and telephone number of your contact person in Guangdong. (Forms are available on the 2nd floor of the Guangzhou Exit and Entry Administration Department.)

4. Photocopy of evidence for your nationality or citizenship in a foreign country (passport, ID card etc.);

5. Registration form of temporary residence;

6. Photocopy of your Foreigner’s Residence Permit, if you are a Foreigner’s Residence Permit holder;

7. Other documents considered as necessary by the public security authority.