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Get 10 Years R Visa in 10 Days

HiTouch 08 February 2018

China further simplified the visa process for overseas foreigners working in China, since the 10 years R visa launch in January and put on a trial system in 9 provinces, including Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Sichuan, Anhui, etc. 8 foreigners from different countries, South Africa, Isreal, Russia, America, Spain, Armenia have received their Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents, a required document for the R visa application. 

What are the benefits of R visa? You can check our previous articles, and we focus on the R visa application in the following contents.


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The process of applying for R visa is much FASTER than the Z visa, applicants need to confirm or pass these 5 steps:


1. Confirm you qualify for Category A

Under the current work permit system, foreigners are classified into the A, B, C three categories with a scoring system. Qualifying for Category A is the basic requirement for R visa application.


Image: State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs office in Shanghai

Here are more specific requirements for applicants fall under Category A if they meet ANY of the 6  following conditions:

1.  Are employed through one of China’s regional plans for the introduction of foreign talent;

2.  Adhere to internationally recognized standards for their field:

  • Awarded for excellence in their field

  • Assumed leadership at a well-known academic institution or international organization.

  • Contributed as chief editor or other senior position in a high ranking national journal for science and technology.

  • Occupied a middle-upper management, professorship, or assistant-professorship position at a world-renowned academic institution.

  • Worked in a senior management position or high ranking technical role at a Fortune 500 company.

  • Worked in a senior management position at one of the world’s leading banking or financial institutions.

  • Prize holders of prominent awards in the arts e.g. Pulitzer prize

  • Has held a senior position in government, in an NGO, or in a renowned international organization.

3.  Are applying for a position in China adhering to one of the criteria listed above, or those to be employed in:

  • A senior management or technical position in large-scale industry.

  • A research or engineering center in China.

  • A high-level position at a foreign enterprise in a middle-sized industry, as recognized by the Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries, an encouraged Chinese industry, or an industry in the Catalogue for Advantaged Foreign Investment in Western and Central regions.

  • Chairman, legal representative, or chief management/technical heads of foreign investment enterprises in small-sized industries.

  • Those to be employed in a senior position at a top-tier hospital, province level hospital or foreign-funded hospital.

4.  Are considered entrepreneurial and new industry talent by:

  • Offering a new product or service requiring a patent, three years of stable investment, real investment not below US$500,000, as well as a 30 percent stake or above in the enterprise.

  • Earning three years of annual revenue not below RMB 10 million.

  • Planning to work in a senior management position or as a technical expert in innovative industries that align with the requirements of regional administrative departments.

5.  Are under 40 years of age doing post-doctoral research, and have graduated from a high ranking university or academic institution. Orearning over six times the average local salary.

6.  Score at least 85 points, you can use our mini-program to check your scores Now You Can Check Your Chinese Work Permit Application Online

It seems to "earning over six times the average local salary" is a less difficult requirement compared with the rest, if the applicant qualifies for this requirement, and works for a big-scale or well-know company, it has a higher possibility to get the Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents.

2. Submit required documents online

Once you meet one of the six requirements of Category A talents, you can start the R visa application journey, you can choose either apply for it by yourself or with our help. 

1. Log in the website of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs(SAFEA): http://fwp.safea.gov.cn/


Image: The website of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs

2. Click the bar of Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents for R visa(check the screenshot above) and fill the personal information. At the same time, you are required the submit the following digit documents:

  • An invitation letter from the company in China

  • Related documents to prove you qualify for Category A (documents are different for the above 6 requirements, we have a 40 pages official checklist, add our WeChat we will send it to you).

3. Receive Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents

If all go smoothly, the company which issued you the invitation letter will receive Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents from the local SAFEA office within 5 business days.

Meanwhile, the Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents and other related information of the applicants will be synchronized to the Chinese Embassy, Consulates in the applicant's country as well.


Image: A sample of Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents

4. Submit R visa application

Now you're all set to submit R visa application, you can either go to the Chinese Embassy in your own country or China's Entry Ports, this step also requires a bunch of documents:

  1. Passport, with a validity of at least 6 months.

  2. Paper document of Confirmation Letter for High Level Foreign Talents (ask your company to send you the digital one and print it).

  3. The application form with passport-style photo.

  4. Additional documents required by the Chinese Embassy or the immigration of China's Entry Ports.

For urgent applications, It only takes 2 business days for the officers to go through all processes and issue a 5 to10 years R visa with multiple entries, for normal applications, it takes a few days more or less. The applicant's spouse and children can acquire the R visa with the same validity and multiple entries, and all the application fee for R visa is zero.

5. Apply for China Work Permit 

With R visa, you can freely enter and exit China, there is a slight difference between the R visa and Z visa application, the applicant needs apply for China Work Permit after getting R visa, while in the Z visa application, the applicant applies for China Work Permit first, then Z visa. Now you should do these steps to get China work permit:

1. Log in the website of SAFEA: http://fwp.safea.gov.cn/ 


Image: The website of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affair

2. Click the bar we circled on the above image to update the R visa information, you need to submit these digital documents:

  • Employment contract or employment certificate

  • Medical certificate from a recent health check - within 6 months

  • R visa page on the passport

  • Personal information on the passport

The local SAFEA will process the application within 3 business days, at the same time, the application is synchronized to the system of the local immigration office as well.

Above 5 steps are the whole process of starting the R visa application to legally working in China with R visa, it is estimated to roughly take 10 business days.