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How to Get a China Work Permit with Longer Validity?

HiTouch 11 September 2018

Foreigners with high scores in China's Work Permit Scoring System can be granted a work permit with 2-5 years validity. This advantage becomes more obvious under the ongoing changes of visa policies.


Different lengths of China Work Permit


The total scores of the system are 100, foreigners are divided into three different categories (A, B and C), representing groups with different likelihoods of receiving the work permit from the government.


Scores are given by considering different factors of applicants, including annual salary, working experience, age, education background, Chinese language skill, etc.


Category A
High-end Professionals (85 points and above), normally receive a length of Chinese work permit of 2-5 years, depending on the government.
Category B
Professional Personnel (60-85 points), normally receive a length of Chinese work permit of one year, 2 years are also possible, depending on the government.
Category C
Ordinary Applicants (below 60 points), normally receive a length of Chinese work permit of 3-6 months, depending on the government.

Without being extraordinary outstanding or making a huge cash contribution, it seems to hard to get high points. Nonetheless, if you pay enough attention to the scoring system, you'll find it being good enough at Mandarin helps you get extra points for China work permit, a maximum of 5 points.







Image: The provisional version of the scoring system in Guangzhou


According to the form above, you can roughly calculate your points for Chinese work permit. To make it simpler, HiTouch introduces you a useful mini program, your final scores will come out as soon as you finish filling the answers of 10 questions, here is the guide on how to use the mini program:English Version of Chinese Work Permit Scores Calculator Comes!



 Long press the QR code to access↑↑↑



HSK test in China's WorK Permit Scoring System


A maximum of 5 scores for HSK in China Work Permit Scoring System can be granted to applicants. If you are considering to have the HSK test now, you may find it useful for having a reference of the Mandarin ability in different levels of HSK 


  •  Test takers who are able to pass the HSK (Level I) can understand and use very simple Chinese phrases, meet basic needs for communication and possess the ability to further their Chinese language studies.

  •  Test takers who are able to pass the HSK (Level II) have an excellent grasp of basic Chinese and can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.

  •  Test takers who are able to pass the HSK (Level III) can communicate in Chinese at a basic level in their daily, academic and professional lives. They can manage most communication in Chinese when travelling in China.

  •  Test takers who are able to pass the HSK (Level IV) can converse in Chinese on a wide range of topics and are able to communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers.

  •  Test takers who are able to pass the HSK (Level V) can read Chinese newspapers and magazines, enjoy Chinese films and plays, and give a full-length speech in Chinese.


If you are looking for some training program before taking part in the HSK test, there are plenty of this kind of training centers you can find online. Guangzhou government also launched its free Chinese language class for foreigners in Nansha. For more information, check the official page



Image: Screenshot of the document" Nansha Cultural Exchange and Chinese Language Class"



HSK testing purposes


Beyond being a factor for extra points in China work permit application, the results of the HSK test can serve several purposes:


  1. 1. For international students, a reference for an educational institution’s decision-making concerning recruiting students, assigning students to different classes, allowing students to skip certain courses and giving students academic credits.


  3. 2. For foreign workers, a reference for employers’ decision-making concerning the recruitment, training and promotion of test takers.


  5. 3. For Chinese language learners, a method to assess and improve their proficiency in Chinese.


  7. 4. For Chinese language training institutions, a method to evaluate training results.


Having a good command of Mandarin is no doubt making your life and work easier in China, at least you have the ability to bargain in local supermarkets. If you are interested in participating in the exam, you can obtain more information from the below official website




Test takers will receive the results for the new HSK issued by Hanban within three weeks after the test.



Other ways to get longer work permit validity


If you meet any of condition below, you can be granted a work permit with 2-5 years validity.



Image: State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs office in Shanghai


Comparably, the condition of foreign talents fulfilling the market demand for government encouraged posted is easier to meet, among all conditions, it includes:


1. Working for central state-owned enterprises; Fortune Global 500 China headquarters; National high-tech enterprises or Large-sized enterprise.



Image: Certificate of National high-tech enterprise. HiTouch has helped a foreigner worked for National high-tech enterprise apply for China work permit


2. GM and Vice GM, technical talents or backbone of scientific research employed by Medium-sized enterprise.


3. Working for Enterprise engineering research center; Engineering laboratory; Engineering and technology research center ; Enterprise technology center; Local technological innovation service platform.


4. Working for China local university and academy; China local first-class hospitals; Foreign-invested hospitals; China first-class orchestra; Chinese mainstream media; National or Provincial sport team or club.


5. High Earners: Salary is not less than six times of the city's average salary. For those foreign foreigners who worked in Guangzhou, over 600,000RMB per year and paid his/her Guangzhou incoming tax over 110,000RMB per year.


Cover image: blog.thatsmandarin.com

Reference: chinesetest.cn, Nansha Talents

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