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Your SIM Card Has Been Upgraded, Do You Know?

HiTouch 12 December 2018

Good news! Starting from December 1st, three major Chinese mobile operators - China Telecom, China Unicom and  China Mobile allow their users in trial sites to freely switch to any of the other two carriers and enjoy their services without changing the mobile number. 




December 1, 2018, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China launched a new process for users of three mobile operators. Under the new process, if users want to change mobile carrier, they just need to send a text message to the corresponding operator to finish the process of submitting application and don't have to go to the physical business site to handle this process in person.


Users are able to switch to any of these major operators without changing the number. Currently, this service is only available for telephone and mobile phone numbers.



Image: psafe.com


How to change current mobile carrier by sending a text message?



Sending an SMS to check whether you get the qualification to change mobile carrier via text message.


Editing the SMS as follows:


1. CCXZ#user name#ID number(the ID number you used for the SIM card registration), send it to your current operator. (China mobile 10086, China Unicom 10010, China Telecom 10001)





If you get the qualification, then applying for an authorization code via SMS.


Editing the SMS as follows:


SQXZ#user name#ID number, send it to your current operator. (China mobile 10086, China Unicom 10010, China Telecom 10001)





After receiving the authorization code, take the valid ID card and authorization code to the new carrier where you want to open a new package!





  1. Your current SIM card must have paid off the bill.

  2. The SIM must complete the process of real name verification.

  3. You can only change a new carrier when you finish the package of the current carrier.


Hubei, Tianjin, Hainan, Yunnan, Jiangxi have been chosen to be the trial sites for implementing this new regulation. Mobile users in these places can try to change a new operator by following our instructions above.


When will it be widely used nationwide?


According to Mr. Luo Wenzeng, deputy director of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC, there are still some technical difficulties in the pilot operation of transferring network among different carriers, it is expected to be applied to the whole country until 2020.


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