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Do It with the Least Money Is Not Always Right

HiTouch 24 November 2016

As a businessman, you aim to spend the least money for doing most valuable things. However, when facing to the unknown invest place, it is not always right. What’s worse, it will cause you to lose more money, time and opportunities.


Just like many cases we ever showed (like our other clients), Mr. Ali came to Guangzhou for starting up his trading business. He tried to figure out how to open up the business and settle down. These are the most important steps for his new life. HiTouch deeply understood the problems he was worried about and provided him the suitable solutions. Meanwhile, some agencies contacted Mr. Ali, saying that they could provide the solution at an extremely low price, and gained his trust by this cheating. Mr. Ali chose this agency because of the low price. However, Mr. Ali may not wonder this choice would let his business in Guangzhou face the endless anxieties in the future.


Then Mr. Ali was in the trouble of:

1.      Difficult to open Hong Kong company bank account

2.      Error document of Guangzhou company registration


Only a reliable and honest partner will help you back to the right way. Mr. Ali contacted us once again. As his problems were serious, we set up a special team for him at once. We find the reasons and solve the problems. At present, Mr. Ali’s business has been on the track. He and his families obtained residence permits in China, starting a new life.


The essential way to make your business easy is to guarantee your business stable and safe. Price should not be the first option of your decision. HiTouch is dedicated to providing the valuable solutions for protecting your business by our integrity and superbly professional services.