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Unbelievable! 10 Days to Register a Company in Guangzhou?

HiTouch 25 June 2016

Everyone knows, 25 days least is the standard process time to open a Chinese company.

“That’s impossible. I’ll better pack up for home.” Mr. Y said.

Mr. Y was in a low spirit. His planned to become a long-term resident in China, but his China visa would be expired in a few days. His future plan was disturbed. In order to help Mr. Y, HiTouch Consulting formed a specialist project team to solve his problem.

Based on Mr. Y’s case, HiTouch’s team firstly helped him apply for visa extension, then started the process of company registration. And 3 weeks was all the time we got.

At the beginning, Mr. Y was very doubtful about it. “Spare no pains,” was Angela’s and every HiTouchers’ motto. Living the spirit, HiTouch’s specialize team was working with every resources we got day in and day out.

The tenth day, Mr. Y was holding his business license in surprise with a huge smile. We made the impossible became possible.

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