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Unfair, But True! Will You Do the Same?

HiTouch 11 July 2016

Pic 1
Anano is lost, hungry, and helpless. The little girl is only 6 years old. You would think this qualifies as enough of a reason to stop and help the poor child. Unfortunately, everyone who walked past her didn’t care one bit. The reason? She looks dirty. In UNICEF’s powerful video, a part of the #FightUnfair campaign, they conduct a heartbreaking social experiment that illuminates the everyday tragedy of impoverished kids.
Pic 2
On a busy street, pedestrians spread their kindness and generosity to Anano who posed as a well-dressed lost child.
Pic 3
When she gets back to the street again, covered with soot and dirt, people walk past her quickly as she doesn’t exist.
Pic 4
The crew set up at a bustling restaurant. Anano has cleaned up and changed her dirty clothes to a pretty dress. People are comforting her with kind smiles and kisses.
Pic 5
Once again, the crew gives Anano a makeover. This time, people are not just ignoring her, but they even show aggressiveness towards her. She ends up running away crying.
Pic 6
The spirit of generosity and giving shall never be forsaken. When unfairness occurs, we fight. When indifference appears, we show care. Change starts when we choose to care!